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Mermaids and Sirens : what is the difference?

This is a brief but cautionary animation depicting sirens. As you can see, sirens closely resemble mermaids. The two creatures are often confused with one another. Both are half-human, half-fish. Both dwell in the ocean. Both species enjoy sitting on rocky shores and singing. Both lure sailors to their fates with their voices.
However, most mermaids are essentially amoral. They are innocent of either good or evil intentions. If they draw unwary sailors to them and these sailors drown while trying to follow a mermaid into the deep, the mermaids will be sad.

A mermaid wants to play with the sailor, not drown him. It is his own action of diving after her that robs him of life…and the mermaid will always mourn for him, singing  about their encounter with her beautiful voice as she warms herself on a rocky shore

The siren, on the other hand, fully intends to cause harm to the sailor.  She will lure the sailor to her in order to drown him. Sirens delight in tricking ships to wreck on underwater rocks, and in devouring the crew.  Mermaids sometimes join these feasts however, after the ship has been destroyed.
Both mermaids and sirens feed mostly on fish… but mermaids, like sirens, do eat men on occasion.


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I Did What I Could

This song, “I Did What I Could”, is based on a folk song I learned 100 years ago, when I was a young mermaid, about a man who moved to America, started out with nothing, and gradually got a wife, a cow, a horse, etc. and named them all and made his way into prosperity. In the first verse, the last line is: “I Called My Wife ‘Run For Your Life'”


I kept that line and changed the lyrics for the rest of the song for today, to create a more timely tale.

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Mermaids Can Heal Broken Hearts if they feel like it

Mermaids cure broken hearts with pink boxing gloves, laughter, and a good dance tune.

Thousands of years of undersea life have taught us that when when all seems lost, the best cure is to open yourself to the sea of love, and to dance.

If you ever are looking out at the glittering ocean at sunset, and happen to catch sight of a green flash on the horizon, well, that is the flash of mermaid scales, as we dance at the edge of the world.

Our San Francisco rock band (yes, we have a band!) , The Dead Sailor Girls, have a song about this…our genre is psychojelly dance music.

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mermaids can make it rain

We can.
We first learned this song during a drought many decades ago. It was written by a shipwrecked stowaway trying to escape a remorseful but faithless lover. Her ship went down in a torrent of thunder and rain, and she came to live among us here, in the rippling waves of undersea coral, and one night she taught us the song, and then she swam sadly away.
But she returned recently to help her kind, after California had suffered a terrible drought for several years, and no rain had come despite cloud-seeding and prayers.
We sang the song with her the night of the Summer Solstice of 2016, drenching our tails in the light of the Strawberry Moon…..And the clouds gathered. And the rain poured down.
And now, in 2017, the California drought has ended.

“I Can Make It Rain” – by Julietta Hay

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A visit from a vampire

greetings from Mermaid Fire.

Here in the vasty deep we meet all kinds of creatures, beings who have found us after long searching. We welcome all who believe in magic and who are kind to us.

Here, we share with you a song by one who lives among us now…she is a forever-young vampire, immortal like us, who fell in love with a beautiful young man long ago.

Their hearts met as one. Had she been mortal, they would have shared a lifetime of bliss…but it could not be…and so she came to dwell with us, under the sea.  She has never forgotten him.

“The Vampire Life For Me” by Julietta Hay. Additional guitar magic by Eric McFadden